Our Programs

PLAYer programs : open to all children age 8-18 , no equipment or experience.

Par programs : open to PLAYer Certified or Par participants , no equipment required.

Birdie Programs : open to Par Certified or Birdie participants, no equipment required.

All program fees are $120/ session unless otherwise specified. Scholarships available to all participants who complete Income Verification Form at time of registration


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Allentown Muni  Golf Club 

Allentown Muni  Golf Club  PLAYer  
Mon/ Weds 10:30-1:00   Coach:  Jeff Ruth

Session I: June 18-July 11        

Allentown Muni Golf Club  Par * :
Mon / Weds  10:30-1:00  Coach Jeff Ruth

 Session II : July 16- Aug 8
*Classes held at Wedgewood Golf Club on Aug 1, 6, 8

Beth Muni  Golf Club

Beth Muni  Golf Club PLAYer
Mon/ Weds  8:30-11:00   Coach : Charlie Sanko

Session I :  June 18-July 11       
Session II: July 17-Aug 8

Beth Muni Golf Club  Par
Mon/Weds   11:00-1:30   Coach Charlie Sanko

Session I:  June 18-July 11

Beth Muni Golf Club Birdie
Mon/ Weds 11:00-1:30  Coach Charlie Sanko 

Session II : July 16-Aug 8

Marvine Center / Beth Muni  Golf Club

Marvine Center / Beth Muni  GC   PLAYer
Tues/ Thu 10:00-12:30     Coach : Jeff Ruth

Session I : June 19-July 12  

Marvine Center / Beth Muni GC   Par   
Tues/ Thu 10:00-12:30    Coach: Jeff Ruth

Session II :  July 17-Aug 9

Olde Homestead Golf Club

Olde Homestead  Golf Club PLAYer
Tues/ Thu 9:00-11:30  Coach Charlie Sanko

Session II :  July 17-Aug 9 

Berks (Manor Gulf Club)

Berks (Manor Golf Club) PLAYer
Mon or Weds 9:30-12:00  Coach Ryan McGovern

One Session:  June 18- Aug 6 (Monday classes )
One Session: June 20- Aug 8  (Weds classes )

Berks (Manor GC)  Par Program
Thu  9:30-12:00   Coach Ryan McGovern

One Session : June 21-Aug 9

Berks (Manor GC )  Par Program
Tues 4:00-5:30    Coach Ray Dandrea

Spring Session : Tues April 24-June 12    Fee: $60

Berks (Manor GC )   Birdie Program
Weds 4:00-5:30   Coach Ray Dandrea

Spring Session : Weds April 25 -June 13     Fee :$60

Easton Rec / Riverview Country Club

Easton Rec / Riverview Country Club PLAYer Program
Coach Kevin McCarthy

Mon, Weds, Fri  10:00-12:00    
July 9-Aug 3

July 9-27 at Heil Park, Easton   
July 30-Aug 3 at Riverview CC

Sittler Golf Center Programs **

**Fees at www.sittlergolf.com
PLAYer / Par Program
Session I :   June 25-June 28  8:30-1:00  Coach Ricky Kline
Session II :  July 16-July 19   8:30-1:00  Coach Ricky Kline

 Birdie Programs :
Session I : July 9-July 12  3:00-8:00   Coach Rick Kline
Session II : July 30, Aug 6, Aug 20   4:00-8:00  Coach Rick Kline
Eagle Program
July 23-July 26   8:30-4:00  Coach Ray Dandrea, Rick Kline




Download Application for Session One

NOTE: Application includes an Income Verification form. Both forms must be completed in order for your child to participate in this program.